Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Turn

Mist floats north / above the pond / past white roses.

All night
the final summer rain
comes & goes.

Low fifties
call for flannel jammies
& wool socks.

Naked on shower tile 
we shake waiting 
for hot water.

Daylight stalls
behind peaks
till breakfast’s over.

Mist floats north 
above the pond 
past white roses. 

Stone fruit’s gone.
Apples replace

On failing wings
mosquitos hover
close to sunny walls.

Auburn grape leaves
curl, absciss
escape in the wind.

A hummingbird 
sups at a yellow flute.

Too cold
we decide
for early bicycle rides.

Mike’s green blanket
my red
keep us in bed.

1 comment:

  1. Poem is very descriptive, I feel like I can really see it all. The photo is great too, and i can see your work is beginning to pay off...looking wonderful.