Monday, March 19, 2012

A Lolling

Ahoy land, a sailor shouts
aloud on a barge, a la-la-la
& alack aday. A year or two
I hoped to dawdle along adrift
a layabout, a deck chair
away from honest pursuit
a fair wage, a dollar a day.

A tisket a tasket, I’ve bypassed
cornucopia’s basket, to-dos
gang astray. A cider press
becrazes gnats & bees, adaze
they dip & die, agoggle, amazed.
A penny a play I bask in the breeze
at dusk ablaze in fireflies.

Asleep, amire in dismal slough
I dream about alligators
idling afloat, a wrestle I may
hunker to ante up for:
alas, admit what I’ve lost
not only babies but noon
verses spun in haste, admired

& saved to a file, archived
doodle of digital waste.
Olé, I prefer to lollygag
not flagellate my infantile
gaze at mica-faced arcades
tumbleweeds of macaroni
a gargoyle, a ghost, a maze.


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  2. tee hee and having a VERY good time of it. Charming!