Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mammalia to Aves, Aves to Gastropods

Achatina, Giant South American Snail

                   Dream is the reaching out feelers like a snail’s horns. 
                   Reality is the shell or the thing of crystal boxes. 
                   We must have the two together.
                                                                                          — H. D.

Tantalizingly slow, 
the snail shapeshifts across the road
proceeds without distinction 
to death under wheels 
or to safety on the other side.

Unlike a dead fox —
worth a close examination, a photo too — 
I look aside from a dead snail
the smashed box
fluids drained to a shiny smear.

Likely I'll see
another snail alive
extending fore & aft, but not another fox 
like a dove on a city sidewalk 
circling its dead mate.

Strewn by death
these souls linger for reincarnation: 
mammalia to aves, aves to gastropod
time slows 
while gods shake dice.

Vulpes vulpes, Red Fox, zorro

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