Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Flowing: A Technical Manual

For anger, lie down, close your eyes, repeat until quiet comes, om mani padme sum

For anguish, pick up your bucket & trowel, walk to a weedy spot & weed

For depression, pay no mind to the nonsense your psyche commands, tell a friend who will understand

For envy, remember how much you have & love

For fear, accept it as what will keep you from harm, if you need to, arm

For gluttony, rinse umpteen ribs of celery, peel a peck of carrots, & stuff yourself sick

For hot flashes, indulge in cold splashes

For hunger, think protein, think green or root vegetable, think fruit

For insomnia, find a book to read & drink ginger tea

For loneliness, celebrate yourself with a favorite meal, a gift, a smile

For lust, if you & your target do no harm, welcome your fortune & succumb

For mania, clear rocks from the back forty, shear a sheep, whitewater kayak a big river, twist & shout until you fall asleep

For panic, talk about weather, basketball, or your cell phone to the first stranger you come to, even if she is you

For pride, only you can decide whether you deserve it, whether it’s worth it

For shame, figure out who taught you to feel the shame & at what time in your life, give it back to them: it’s their strife

For sloth, slow down, listen to every part of you, find the hidden pain you must identify & care for

For an upset stomach, suck on ginger candy (always keep it handy)

For wanting to do what you think is evil, better than to shut it off is to pretend, imagine carrying out your evil thought to its natural end

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