Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miss Vee

Welcome, Miss Vee, 
nth kitty in my cat parade 
beginning with early
Names-I-Forgot including
not noticed sleeping 
behind a rear tire 
when Mom backed down
the driveway, also
that Careful-She-Bites
cat & dog Blackie
dispatched at the vet
though Mom claimed
they ran away, proceeding
to Siamese-purebreds 
Nefertiti & Tutankhamun, 
to Jacob born on a boat,
to Münkin son of Titi 
whose only ever squirrel
misstepped a gutter
& fell on his head, 
to long-haired Jason 
bearing the Golden Fleece 
who survived a tar bath
by plucking out his coat, 
to Ooblek who disappeared, 
to cooktop-parked Bartholomew, 
to muscle-packing Mumbles 
also called Stripley on Steroids 
after a passing car
pitched him on his noggin,
to seven-toed Lobster Boy 
Only Six Inches Long 
but Plays the Zither
also called Fred, 
to soprano-toned Baba, 
to feral-born Akalina
featured on our coffee label.
Welcome, Miss Vee,
what will your story be?

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