Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday Random

Movement alerts us to a hare springing from giant brindled haunches,
pausing to graze on alfalfa & weedy greens, dissolving in long grass.

A white monjita lands on a prickly pear, another on a wooden stake
rigged to an olive tree: sites with fragrance of ripening fruit & views.

We cycle through swarms of tiny black insects: every immersion
flecks our shirtfronts, arms, & thighs, catches Mike’s watering eyes.

Yesterday large ants gnawed the gardenias until Mike sprayed poison
fatal to the ants’ algae farms: today the foiled workers are gone.

One tree per day, I say, my promise to pull the giant weeds surrounding
each staked trunk, crowding the watering holes: Mike & I weed two.

I fill two banged-up construction wheelbarrows with large & small rocks 
I’ve dug while weeding, rocks to border our future vegetable plots.

Despite our plan for a rest day, we’ve biked, weeded, tested outlets,
repaired curtain rods, watered, hauled rocks: As always, we’re tired.

Besides, we’ve talked to each other more than usual: it’s what happens 
when the Internet’s down: we’re forced to spend time in the real world.

Lepus europaeus, European hare, liebre comĂșn

Xolmis iripero, white monjita, monjita blanca

these wheelbarrows proved too heavy to move

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  1. we’re forced spend time in the real world. <- missing a "to".

    Great photos, and wow, you guys really do work hard, and you still write too! It's
    all very impressive.